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That’s what Peppermill stands for. Welcome!

Peppermill Books LTD has been established for the purpose of introducing quality literature from all around the world to our readers and of broadening their horizons beyond Bulgarian literature and literature by English and American authors only.  We also aim at offering bestsellers which have not been introduced to the Bulgarian public, yet.

We publish literature for children and young-adults and a range of works which will be enjoyed by the adult audience. Yet, as you know, there are classic titles that are equally appreciated at any age.

In the year 2022, our focus is on Japanese literature, novels and manga series read by millions around the world. If the titles speak little to the parents, they have certainly been heard of by younger audiences, but that does not mean that the content is suitable only for a specific age. On the contrary – the issues presented in a fascinating and moving way concern first and foremost the grown-ups.

Peppermill Books offers translation services of fiction and also publishes Bulgarian authors and authors who want to be published in Bulgarian or in English. You are welcome to submit your enquiries per e-mail. Do check the contact information.

With us you will find a plethora of articles and blogs related to arts and interviews with internationally acclaimed writers, artists and performers from all over the world.

In our section N’alm it, you will find our web magazine and a large number of articles and blogs on a variety of topics and you will meet people of different nationalities, occupations and walks of life who offer their uncensored opinions on themes we all find intriguing, especially when presented from an alternative point of view.

We are welcoming you on a journey through the motley hues of life – as it was, as it is, as we make it to be. Enjoy the ride!

Your Peppermill Books team

Gergana Decheva
+359 88 261 4385
+359 88 337 9697

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