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Let’s Dance While Colour Lights Up Your Face

“Let’s Dance While Colour Lights Up Your Face”
An Interview with Semir Alkadi

A few months ago, I had to go to a special occasion and I put on those horrid high-heeled shoes. The dress code required it. I ended up going home in the rain shoes in hand, cursing myself for not putting a pair of sneakers in my bag. My most controversial relationship in my entire life had been with high-heeled shoes. That is till my talk with Semir Alkadi.
I don’t know if that talk has changed my mind about shoes, but surely it made me believe over  and over again in what I had known forever – we are who we are and we can’t be better or more successful by copy-pasting other people’s mechanisms for achieving.
Q: What do you want our readers to know about you?
A: I would say I am a dancer, a choreographer and a dance instructor.
Q: What about your dancing theatre?
A: I have some experience with dancing theatre and have my own troop – Akadamus Dance Theatre which is quite a new thing for Bulgaria because we made the first erotic dance theatre, and I am proud to say that I’m the first one to introduce pole dancing into dance theatre...........

Влюбените са луди – приказка без възраст

Книгата на Гери Дечева „Амантес Аментес“ е една забележителна приказка без възраст, която ни напомня да се огледаме около себе си и да се замислим за изчезващата романтика в живота ни. Как фалшивият морал ражда отчуждение в обществото? Как са общували хората преди сто години и как общуват днес? Гери Дечева и нейната дъщеря Анджела в студиото на „Свободна зона“.

Let's Dance To the Song They're Playin' On the Radio
An interview with Hristina Lazarova
By Geri Decheva
In September last year, I went to Eisenstradt. I had never been there and I took the small window of free travelling for a day’s visit. I went to the Esterhazy Castle. It was a hot, calm day, the calm before the storm that came in October and, well the whole winter of 2020/2021. The famous Haydnsaal in the castle is probably the most stunning music hall I had ever seen. The orchestra was playing, getting ready for the evening performance of Beethoven’s symphonies. I sat at the back, where it was allowed, with the mask and all, keeping a healthy distance from the people, and watched the orchestra. And I envied them – a small oasis on the stage, a gathering of people trusting each other, united by the divinity of music, engulfed in beauty of all that’s human, sharing an emotion, connection, living through music and passing that vibration to the only observer – me. I had that picture engraved in my mind, while I was talking to Hristina Lazarova, a charming young lady. We talked about dancing and opera singing and all that comes with it.
Q: What would you like our readers to know about you?
A: I am an opera singer and a dancer – they go together. I have also graduates Basic Music Pedagogy, which allows me to teach singing and dancing. I also play in the theater, for which I underwent years of training, too. Music was my childhood dream and I have fought hard for many years to make it come true. I have been in Austria for 12 years. I came here to study and my intention was to go back home, but we cannot plan ...
Book Amantes Amentes Review
Amantes Amentes  -  Geri Decheva

Mirabelle was the green grass for brainless male cattle, a psychiatric ward for psychopaths. These manly individuals were drawn to her like flies to a piece of shit, which she wanted to believe she was not. The abundance of alcoholics, depressed, bipolar, former or current junkies, geniuses with...
Amantes Amentes postcards
Amantes Amentes postcards
"The HOPE of a new life has no age, there`s no fashion for it.
Едно детско пътешествие със „Синята гора“

Едно детско пътешествие със „Синята гора“. Детските книжки и благотворителността. Гости в студиото са Анджела Дечева и Гергана Дечева.

Present The blue forest book
Present The blue forest book
The Blue Forest
One day as it was floating here and there, the Little Curious Glass Lantern stopped mid-air above a forest all in blue. The Blue Forest it was called, that is the truth. The heating sunny rays were weaving some enchanting nets. The wind was laying soft leaf beds for rest. Who the Lantern saw and who it met? What stories did it write in blue and white? Why did it stay so long, what funny creatures did it meet?
It’s about to tell you in a story short, but so, so sweet.  

Аудио драматизация:
За "Къщата на светулките"

Светулките светят , когато са изплашени или търсят обич. Те отвеждат Джо в шарения свят на Ана. В компанията на забавни герои , през много комични ситуации и оплетени в паяжината на малко сарказъм и тъга , те търсят моста между два свята.


The Boom of Erotic Literature. Looking for the Fairy Tale
Looking for the Fairy Tale
When writing about the boom of erotic novels I will be a bit biased and still it will be accurate from literally perspective. As a translator, I have translated over 30 erotic novels (most of them consisting of 3 to 5 volumes), so imagine the amount of work. Starting with “50 Shades of Gray”, I was astounded at the popularity the book ...
Manga – Pictures That Literally Draw Interest
By Angela Decheva
These past few months have been tough – a euphemism at its best. At one point, I realized the horrifying validity of Trent Reznor’s words – every day is exactly the same – and found myself agreeing with a friend on how it felt as if we were in Groundhog Day.With every day being a monotonous string of events, two things made each week a little brighter...
Books that Burn Bright. "Maybe the books can get us half out of the cave"
“Maybe the books can get us half out of the cave. They just might stop us from making the same damn insane mistakes!”
A year ago, I translated a book about the Calash People. The Calashum inhabit the high mountain area in the Chitral region of Pakistan. Thanks to the altitude and the challenge to get there, these people have survived the changes of time and their lives are pretty much the same as they were several hundred years ago and even more...

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